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My name is Kwo-Jen George Liaw , was born, raised, and educated in Taiwan. I graduated from civil engineer department of National Taipei University of Technology in Jun.1972. Fortunately, I won a graduate research scholarship to the civil engineering department of University of Rhode Island in Aug. 1974 and got Master degree in May. 1976. As a senior professional civil engineer, I had been working in this field for 35 years, 10 years in RSEA Engineering Corp. and 25 years in CECI Engineering Consultant Inc. that is my first career. At leisure time, I visited museums occasionally. Nearby many Museums ,such as National Palace Museum , National Museum of History and National Dr.Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall where are located in Taipei, Taiwan. The arts were displayed in those Museums include oil paintings, Chinese color paintings and calligraphy works were fascinated with me.

Although I liked to paint in my first career life, I had no time and chance to learn until my son passed the examination of the department of medical science of Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU). I start to learn how to write Chinese color painting with noted artist Mu-Yu, Chen in 1999 for 2 years. In order to elaborate and develop my painting skills, I continually studied for 2.5 years with Ho-Nien Au who was a world-renowned artist, combined the conception of traditional Chinese color painting with that of Western painting. Besides Chinese color painting, I also fascinated with oil painting. At first, 「Self-taught」 in sketching and oil painting at home in 2008, later I had been studying still life, landscape and portrait of oil painting with noticed artist Dan Edmondson in 2011 for 2 years by through website or webinar.

I always striving to perfect my craft to the highest level I can. Some of my Chinese color painting works that have been awarded the prize in the past years.

The CV and chronology of my painting career as follows:
    NAME    : Kwo-Jen , George Liaw
    DATE OF BIRTH : February 26, 1950
    NATIONALITY    : Taiwan, Republic of China
    EDUCATION    : M.S.C.E., Rhode Island State University,

USA, May 1976
B.S.C.E., Taipei Institute of Technology,
Taipei, Taiwan, May 1972
receive the special award in Chinese color painting from National Japanese Exhibition, Japan.

receive the art award in Chinese color painting from National Japanese Exhibition, Japan.
receive the excellent award in Chinese color painting from Ministry of Transportation and Communication, R.O.C.
Participate the Union Exhibition of Master Ho-Nien Au
Hold the Solo Exhibition of oil paintings and Chinese color paintings at Department of Labor of Taipei City government, R.O.C.

hold the Solo Exhibition of oil paintings and Chinese color paintings at the Art and Culture Center of National Taipei University of Technology.

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